Finalist – Beyond the Veil

Finalist – Beyond the Veil

We are proud to announce that Lynn Jaanz has been selected as a finalist in the Artist Space Gallery ‘s 2022 Portrait Art Exhibition, for her painting, ‘Beyond the Veil‘.

Beyond the Veil depicts a journey from oppression, struggle and sickness to self-discovery, joy, victory and peace. The eyes are the most striking focal point of this painting, as it mirrors a soul that cannot be held back or caged in. The eyes are full of fire, determined and fierce.
I would like to dedicate this painting to every human in the world fighting for freedom, meaning and self-worth. Let my triumph be your triumph, my victory your victory.
Beyond the Veil reminds us that every human being is endowed with the seeds of greatness and unlimited potential. All of us are fighting to come out from a “veil” we are not aware of. The struggle of every human is to emerge “beyond the veil”.

For full details of the competition and other winning artwork, take a look at the exhibition here.

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